Banned & Restricted.


Products under the following categories are banned for exporting.


Articles of Archaeological and Religious Importance.


  • National and foreign coins of archaeological value.
  • Statues of gods and goddesses, palm leaf inscription(Tej Patra), leaf inscription(Bhojpatra).
  • Scroll (Thanka Paintings) of historical importance.
  • Conserved Wildlife and related articles Wild animals.
  • Bile and any part of wild animals.
  • Musk and Cows, Oxen, Snake and lizard skin.


  • Marijuana, opium, hashish (As defined in the Single Convention on Narcotics, 1961)

Metals and Jewellery

  • Valuable metals and jewellery (except permitted under bag and baggage regulations and products manufactured by Nepalese industry except of diamonds.

Articles of industrial importance.

  • Explosive materials and related fuse or materials needed for fuse.
  • Materials used in the production of arms and ammunition.

Industrial raw materials.

  • Raw hides and skin (including dry salted)
  • Raw wool

Other products.

  • Mamira (golden thread root used as medicine)
  • Log and Timber (woods)

Products Under Quantitive Restrictions

  • Rice, Wheat, Gram, Black Peas, Rapseed, Maize, Arahar, Lentil, Mustard, Yellow Mustard Seed, Poppy Seed, Raw Silk exceeding 100kg without L/C. Products as notified by His Majesty`s Government in the Nepal Gazette, from time to time.

Products Allowed for Free Export:

  • All products other than listed in A. and B. above.


  • The Ministry of Commerce will decide from time to time, the goods to be included under the category of quantitive restrictions and volume of their exports.
  • The Ministry of Commerce will interpret as to which of the products listed above, will be permitted to export.