Air Cargo


GAC Nepal understand the ‘Need for Speed’ when a customer requests Air Freight as their preferred mode of delivery. We’ve been providing first class Air Freight Forwarding Services for over many years, so we also understand that safety, reliability, flexibility and ‘on time’ delivery are fundamental requirements too.


We can tap into the regular Air Freight cargo movement in and out of Nepal, providing the following services under our own supervision and experience.


a)      Collection of goods.

b)      Packing of goods.

c)       Customs clearance and booking.

d)      Preparation of documents for Customs clearance.

e)      Safe and secure storage of goods.

f)       Approvals from the Archaeology Department.


Our Air Freight operations’ flexibility centers on our capability to move single or complex shipments by air at any time, to and from most parts of the world. This approach enables us to offer a wide variety of import and export Air Freight Forwarding Services, including scheduled, deferred and full or part charter.


Full support is provided via our highly experienced team. We can utilize all aspects of the global network to organize your air transport effectively. Our services are on offer as your preferred Air Freight Forwarder. 


To request a quote, email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 01--------------